Zoo Sues Studio For Traumatizing Raccoon Used In 'Erotic' Ad

A Russian zoo says it’s suing an advertising studio for overstimulating a raccoon it loaned out for a run-of-the-mill television commercial that instead ended up featuring a surprise topless model.

The frustrated animal has since become obsessed with human breasts, an official told the BBC, which is hardly ideal behavior in a petting zoo.

The Moscow studio calls the suit “absurd” and complains that the little raccoon, Tomas, had some problems of its own when it turned up for work and snatched the model’s bra to nibble on it.

Russian media quoted a studio spokesman as saying that the company had requested a trained animal, but instead got Tomas “who was young and ran off all the time.”

What to do? Zoo officials say they believe treats were hidden on the topless model to keep Thomas interested. Voila, breast obsession.

The studio insists the ad is not erotic, as the zoo claims, and was intended for national TV which would not air porn.

It not clear what is being advertised in the ad that features Tomas cavorting with the topless model on a large, unmade bed. The zoo was told that the commercial was being shot to sell bed linens.

The zoo has demanded all photos and films from the studio, as well as damages due to Tomas’ trauma, in a suit filed again last week after officials said its first action was ignored.

The zoo calls it “immoral to mix nature with eroticism,” the BBC reported.

There’s some speculation that the confrontation could have been a raunchy publicity stunt. Buzzfeed reported that the studio had run an ad previously — found by Russian media — seeking an adventurous public relations person and a raccoon.

The zoo and supporters organized a protest against animal exploitation in the wake of the filming, the BBC reported. And officials say the incident could hurt the zoo’s reputation and attendance.

Tomas is finally happy at home again, according to zoo officials. But he was sad and frustrated for months.

“Tomas came back withdrawn, always slept in the corner, and snapped at people,” zoo spokesman Viktor Kiryukhin told the Telegraph.

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