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Sly Lincoln Project Ad Urges Voters To Stop Lindsey Graham's 'Suffering'

The Republican-led Lincoln Project on Friday urged Americans in its latest mocking ad to end the suffering of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

Graham appeared to be in a meltdown Thursday when he said in a Fox News interview that he was getting “killed” on fundraising in his tight race against Democratic rival Jaime Harrison because his detractors “hate my guts.”

The Lincoln Project ad spoofed: “Every single hour in South Carolina, Lindsey Graham is being violently out-fundraised. But you can help stop the suffering.”

The camera in the ad tenderly pans over close-ups of Graham looking sad, wistful and hangdog amid a recording of Sarah McLachlan singing “Angel.” The song has become something of an anthem for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

“Lindsey Graham won in 2014,” the ad notes. “But this year, it might be too late. For just pennies a day, you can save Lindsey Graham’s Senate race.”

The spot posts a phone number under “,” which both direct contributors to The Lincoln Project. “Disclaimer: All of this money goes to Lincoln Project. This is an obvious parody,” the ad reads in fine print at the bottom. 

Harrison taunted Graham as well in a tweet Friday over his overheated remarks on Fox, calling it an “Oscar-winning performance.”

Check out the ad in The Lincoln Project tweet above.

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